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There are five important areas that distinguish West Oak Capital from other competitors in the financial services industry:

  • We operate under a “fiduciary” standard of care, which means that we look out for the best interests of our clients and place their interests ahead of our own. Our advice is objective and free from the conflicts of interest that are often present in companies that are in business to sell their own products.
  • We use a qualified, independent custodian for safekeeping of all client assets. Receiving statements from an independent custodian provides an additional layer of safety, helping clients know about transactions posted to their account, as well as providing a regular appraisal of individual security holdings and market values of assets held in their portfolios.
  • Clients work directly with an experienced portfolio manager, not a sales person. It can be a challenging task to balance the current needs for income and safety of principal against longer-term goals to grow the portfolio value over time. We develop an investment program to meet each client’s unique objectives, while giving consideration to the risks we are likely to encounter along the way.
  • We keep costs reasonable. This means delivering our services at a fair price, while working to reduce the outside fees, transaction costs and tax consequences that could otherwise erode a client’s account performance.
  • We help clients stay on track. Emotions can have a profound impact on the success of an investment program. Long-term investing only works if we succeed at helping clients maintain discipline through the inevitable periods of weakness in the capital markets.

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