• Investing should make sense
  • A disciplined long-term approach is most likely to achieve results
  • Customize to investors’ preferences, and consider estate and tax issues
  • Help reduce the costs that can otherwise erode performance over time

Structure Portfolios to Meet Your Objective

We recommend diversified participation in the capital markets. In addition to core positions in stocks and bonds, we believe most investors are well-served to participate in such areas as small capitalization stocks, international stocks and real estate securities.

  • Growth
  • Income
  • Safety

Bonds can provide stability to a portfolio, while stocks help meet longer-term objectives of growing portfolio values over time and protecting against the effects of inflation. We are able to tailor holdings to suit each client’s specific preferences, as well as their tax and estate planning circumstances.

Emotions Can Interfere with Your Investment Plan

Data is easy. Judgment is hard.

Today’s abundance of information can be confusing to investors, causing unnecessary trading activity and magnifying the emotions of “fear” and “greed” that can interfere with long term plans.

We are happy to guide you in the right direction.

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