Quotes From Prior Communications

“Depending upon one’s point of view, the 2016 U.S. Presidential race has introduced either a great amount of entertainment or outright confusion regarding future policy direction of government agencies that are in a powerful position to influence the economy”
— October, 2015

“Earning a return requires taking risk, but not all risks are worth taking. That distinction is where significant value gets added over the life span of an investment program.”
— October 2014

“Far from the losses that some feared, the latest estimates show the combined federal emergency response to the financial crisis is actually expected to generate a net positive return for taxpayers.”
— July 2013

“Public policy is more than just a debate about greed versus good. While wealth is an obvious plus for successful people who can afford nice homes and luxury travel, it is also the source of funding that pays for desirable public benefits such as education, healthcare, security and charitable activities that bring aid to those who are less fortunate.”
— July 2012

“Even though stock prices have more than doubled from their 2009 lows, there remains a profound sense that the nation is at a philosophical crossroads with its economic policies. Capitalism is a messy process. Competition produces winners and lossers, along with remarkable innovations that advance our standard of living. The economy is likely to be quite different twenty years from today.”
— April 2012

“Judgment is more important than data. Information has never been more abundant and easy to access, by anyone from just about anywhere on the globe.”
— October 2010

“History demonstrates that nothing can be taken for granted, that freedom does not come easily, and creating wealth often requires a leap of faith during periods of uncertainty.”
— January 2010

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