Weekly Economic Update for March 25, 2019

Reducing the Risk of Outliving Your Money

Gradual Retirement

Saving Your Elderly Parents from Financial Fraud

Interesting Topic of the Month: April’s New Beginnings

For many of us, April is a strange month full of volatile weather, taxes, and the promise of summer. April begins with a day of jokes and pranks on April Fools’ Day and sometimes houses Easter. Aside from these important events, April is a month rich in history that signifies new beginnings.

April Topic of the Month: 2019 Tax Deadlines and Extensions for the 2018 Calendar Year

Every year, April ushers in warmer weather, rainfall, and taxes. This year, the IRS tax deadline is Monday April 15, 2019. It’s worth noting that in recent years there has been a weekend extension. That is not the case this year; the 15th is the ultimate deadline by which your tax return must be postmarked or e-filed.

Morning Market Review March 27, 2019

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Perspective for a Frantic Family Guy (Podcast)

By Byron Moore, posted March 27, 2019

The following segment first aired on KEDM 90.3.

Does your life seem stuck? What's the problem?

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Getting the Most from Your 401(k) Plan

401(k) plans were established by Congress to encourage individual savings towards retirement. Offered through employers, the plans are generally available to eligible employees who are allowed to contribute a percent of their salary to the plan.

Planning for the New Normal Retirement

The need for retirement planning didn’t really exist until well into the 1970s. Up to that point, people worked until age 65, spent a few years in leisure through their life expectancy which was about 69. Many retirees of that era were able to coast into retirement with a cushy pension plan.

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